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Wedding Cake Flavors: 





*Red Velvet






*Vanilla Buttercream

*Almond Buttercream

*Strawberry Buttercream

*Lemon Buttercream

*Chocolate Buttercream

*Cream Cheese Frosting

*Peanut Butter Buttercream

(Buttercream can be flavored in many different varieties)





*Fillings are discussed with each individual bride/groom.  Some prefer not to have a filling, when others may want a fruit filling.  I can help with picking out which fillings work with certain types of cakes and also educate on which fillings or fruits hold up better inside a cake.  A few fillings offered are raspberry, lemon curd, several types of flavored buttercream and fresh fruit fillings.  



*Basic Buttercream Frosted $4.50/Serving

*Basic Fondant Covered Cakes $5.50/Serving

*Fillings are $35.00/Cake


*These are base prices and may need to be adjusted depending on the cake chosen and how much time & detail that has to go into making the cake.  When sending your information, please include any pictures, number to feed, if you are wanting traditional icing or fondant and also the location where the ceremony is being held for delivery pricing.


*Scheduled Tastings are $35.00 (Helps cover ingredients) and must be paid upfront to reserve your tasting date (Venmo, Cash & Card payments are accepted).

You may choose up to three flavors and bring a maximum of four people to the tasting.  The $35.00 will be applied towards cost of cake if booked.


*1/2 deposit of your total bill is required at booking and the remaining half is due two weeks prior to drop off.





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